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Dr. Roberta "Bobby" Pellant, Ed.D.

Dr. Roberta (Bobby) Pellant has a doctorate in Leadership and a 3-year post-doctoral certification from Harvard in Corporate Sustainability and Innovation. She has over 23+ years teaching at the MBA level as a Professor at: Minnesota State University, Boston College, Clark University, Year Up, as well as, at Cracow School of Business, and Warsaw Akademia, Poland. Bobby has been at Bentley University, Waltham, MA for the past 13 years. Bobby has taught across four different departments: Exercise Science/Physiology, Management, Marketing and Informational Design and Corporate Communication. She has extensive knowledge in curriculum design, accreditation, and instituting online learning across several platforms. She is the author of: The effects of conditioning and gender on ratings of perceived exertion during physical exercise (1996), Preferred leadership practices of a religious organization (2004,) International Marketing adapted from Cateora, et al., from McGraw Hill (2008), and has an inclusion review in Organizational Behavior 1e, Lamm/Tosti-Kharas (2020). She is also a co-author of the tentatively called Business Capital 101: 45 ways to finance an enterprise, an USCGA publication, currently in process.

Bobby has started and helped develop two companies: Bum Boosa Bamboo™ a woman ran, biobased, non-woven bamboo company whose products included first-to-world market 100% bamboo baby wipes, toilet paper, bamboo powder diaper ointment, and early stage prototyping of bamboo diapers. She helped Bum Boosa Bamboo ™ through the stringent process of becoming a Certified B Corporation. The company was vetted for Shark Tank in 2014, due to innovation and recognition in the industry. Bum Boosa Bamboo™ quickly expanded, despite only a small initial funding from friends and family, and in 2018 was internationally acquired.

Roberta Pellant Consulting (RPC) was started in 2008. Bobby has worked with both small, high-potential emerging start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. She is passionate about empowering business leaders and their teams to thrive amid change and help transform their businesses in such key areas as: business plan development, strategy, client relationships, sales process improvement, marketing, leadership development and training.

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