Select from one of the following Membership Levels that best suits your needs and situation


Network with Experts

Increase Deal Flow

Your Service Advertised in US Capital Global Advisors Association Printed Materials

Ability to Keyword Search Database of Other Members and Clients

Receive Referrals from Other Members

Affiliate Member

All the benefits of Member Level,

Plus, earn 10% referral commissions for all deals you refer to the USCGAA (Including memberships, services, and course sign ups)

*$500 Initial Year Membership Fee with $250 Annual Renewal thereafter

Advisor Level

Earns fees of 10% for business referred to the USCGAA.

Also earns roll-up referral fees for building a team.

When qualified, earns a leadership override of 6%, management override of 5%, team override of 4%. Membership also includes use of the USCGAA Brand, QR Code access, back office management, online portal, replicated website,

Plus, all other benefits of affiliate member.

*$1000 Initial Year Membership Fee with $250 Annual Renewal thereafter 


For enterprises seeking capital, documentation, introductions to Subject Matter Experts & Referral Sources.

Includes a TASASS Situation Analysis

Invitations to pitch sessions, access to the membership network, registration and project management through the portal, payment gateway.

Includes a Completed Situation Analysis and 90 minutes of consulting with an analyst or banker post completion of the Analysis.

*$1250 Initial Year Membership Fee with $250 Annual Renewal thereafter 

Certified Advisor Level

Designed for Consultants, MBA Professional-Level financial analysts, business plan writers, researchers.

 Admission to the USCGAA TASASS Advisors Certification Course. Coordinated Project Management.  Access to USCGAA Templates

Referrals made by USCGAA for potential revenue sharing in specific project assignments. Coordinated project management, access to USCGAA templates.  

All benefits and earning power of an Advisor

*$2500 Initial Year Membership Fee with $250 Annual Renewal thereafter 



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